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NWSA written exams are administered on demand throughout the country. NWSA contracts with PSI to administer written exams at over 400 sites via computer-based testing (CBT). CBT exams cannot be taken from home, candidates must go to a secure testing location.

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Looking for a place to take your practical exam? NWSA authorizes test sites throughout the country to offer practical exams to the candidates.

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Accredited Practical Examiners are authorized by NWSA to offer practical exams at approved NWSA practical test sites. These Practical Examiners have made themselves available to administer practical exams at an employer or organization facility.

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Need some training to prepare for the NWSA exams? NWSA does not offer training, but we understand the importance of training in improving workplace safety. These training providers have indicated that they offer preparatory training for candidates seeking NWSA certification.

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Interested in establishing your own practical exam test site or having staff accredited to administer practical exams? Find out more.