NWSA develops and maintains its certification programs through committees that report to the Board of Directors. Currently the Exam Management Committee is responsible for monitoring certification examinations for the Telecommunications Tower Technician (TTT) certification programs. Committee members suggest revisions to NWSA’s testing procedures; work with and monitor the administration of the exams; oversee the work of item writers; monitor and oversee testing companies that may be contracted with for exam development and/or administration; and collect data necessary for psychometrically sound examinations.

Two additional committees play an important role in the review, discipline, and appeals processes. The Ethics and Discipline Committee is responsible for establishing standards of conduct—such as ethical standards, policies, and procedures for disciplinary action—and for implementing those standards, policies, and procedures. The Appeals Committee is responsible for establishing policies and procedures for hearing appeals of decisions and for hearing such appeals.

The Communications/Marketing Committee develops concise and consistent messaging documents in order to provide informative and timely updates to all wireless industry stakeholders. The Communications/Marketing Committee works in concert with the Board of Directors, Board of Governors, committee participants, staff and volunteers to educate the industry about the safety and quality benefits associated with the NWSA's worker certification programs. The Committee disseminates NWSA information at industry events and by utilizing traditional communication mediums and various social media platforms.