Recertification Requirements

TTT-1 and TTT-2 certifications are valid for five years. Candidates must complete all their recertification requirements during the 12 months prior to their certification’s expiration date. This includes:

  • Passing the TTT-1 or TTT-2 Written Examination. This exam will be the same written exam as the primary certification exam that is in use at the time of the candidate’s recertification.
  • Compliance with NWSA’s policies and procedures per the Attestation Statement

There is no grace period after certification has expired. Candidates whose certification has lapsed must take the full Written and Practical Examinations to be certificated again.

There is no requirement to complete a practical exam for recertification.

NOTE: TTT-2 certificants must only take and pass the TTT-2 recertification written exam to maintain both TTT-1 and TTT-2 certifications. If a TTT-2 recertification candidate fails the recertification exam twice, he/she is required to take the full TTT-1 and TTT-2 exams again to maintain certification.

Certified candidates may take their Recertification Written Examination (s) up to one year prior to their certification’s date of expiration. Regardless of the date of the recertification examination within that one-year period, the new five-year certification period begins from the date of expiration of the candidate’s most recent certification.

NOTE: Candidates who recertify more than 12 months prior to their expiration date will have their new certification period begin immediately, not from the end of their current certification period.

Recertification exams are delivered via computer-based testing (CBT) facilities.


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