Antenna & Line Specialty

NWSA recognizes the complexity of work associated with the telecommunications industry. To best support the evolving nature of that work, NWSA is creating specialty certifications that allow Technicians to demonstrate that they possess a unique set of knowledge and skill associated with different types of telecommunication work. The first such specialty is the Antenna & Line (A&L) Specialty which focuses on the fundamental requirements for installation, repair, troubleshooting and maintenance of antennas, transmission lines and mounts on communication structures. This is a written specialty exam and includes real-world practical scenarios replicating the work that Telecommunications workers do in the field.

To achieve the A&L Specialty certification, a candidate must be NWSA TTT-2 certified.

For additional information including a complete list of reference (study) materials and a complete breakdown of the Exam Content Outline, please download and review the NWSA Candidate Handbook.

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