Set Up A Practical Test Site

Facilities seeking to serve as Practical Test Sites must meet all NWSA criteria for hosting a Practical Exam. If the facility meets the stated criteria, NWSA will provide all necessary information to allow tests to be scheduled.

Each Practical Exam Test Site facility must arrange to have on site the following:

  • A designated Practical Test Site Coordinator
  • An NWSA credentialed Practical Exam Proctor
  • A tower for climbing in compliance with the information provided on the Site Report
  • All testing materials listed in the Site Report
  • An area suitable for administrating the practical exam (see practical test site setup instructions for details).
  • A location suitable for the Pre-Test Briefing of exam candidates and a waiting area.

In addition, Practical Exam Test Sites must pay an annual $250 site fee at the time of application and before the first practical test of each calendar year thereafter. Employers or organizations with more than one Practical Exam Test Site must pay an additional $50 fee for each additional site.

Apply for your NWSA Practical Test Site


For detailed information about all the site requirements and everything needed to set up a practical test site, download the Practical Test Site Coordinator Handbook.

Practical Test Site Coordinator Handbooks and Forms