National Wireless Safety Alliance Launches Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising Initiative Kicks-Off at 2019 Connect (X) Conference in Orlando, Florida

(Orlando, Florida) - The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) announced today the beginning of an industry-wide fundraising campaign designed to support the development of the organization’s nationwide worker certification programs. NWSA made the announcement from the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s 2019 Connect (X) Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The NWSA initiative is based on a tiered-level of sponsorship opportunities companies and leaders can contribute to in order to support the mission of the organization. The NWSA donation levels include the following opportunities:

 Platinum Sponsor - $25,000 – (Includes 8 Free Certification Exams)

 Gold Sponsor - $10,000 – (Includes 4 Free Certification Exams)

 Silver Sponsor - $5,000 – (Includes 2 Free Certification Exams)

 Bronze Sponsor - $2,500 – (Includes 1 Free Certification Exam)

 Additionally, all donors to the campaign will receive recognition from NWSA on its website as well as promotion at industry conferences through NWSA marketing materials and placement in industry advertising outlets as coordinated by NWSA.  Companies and individuals interested in donating to the campaign are encouraged to contact NWSA Executive Director Duane MacEntee via e-mail at

“NWSA’s nationwide, portable and verifiable worker certification programs are developed by industry/for industry and are changing the game from a safety and quality perspective,” stated Executive Director Duane MacEntee. “Companies and stakeholders who elect to participate in this campaign have a unique opportunity to help shape the future and progression of the safety of telecom workers and the industry. The cost of certification development in advance of collecting fees for test taking has placed NWSA in a financial deficit. This fundraising program is intended to remedy this deficit and propel NWSA and the industry forward,” added MacEntee.

As part of the official launch, NWSA also highlighted the following companies as inaugural donors to the campaign:

Black & Veatch – Platinum Sponsor

SBA Communications – Platinum Sponsor

Vertical Bridge – Platinum Sponsor

Jacobs Telecommunications Inc. – Silver Sponsor

“Black & Veatch is proud to be a sponsor of the organization at the Platinum Level,” said Martin G. (Marty) Travers, Group President, Black & Veatch.

“SBA fully supports the mission of NWSA to enhance safety and improve quality on towers and other structures. We believe in it so strongly that we intend to ensure that vendors that work on our assets will obtain their certification over time,” added Mark Ciarfella Executive Vice President, Operations at SBA Communications.

“NWSA has helped to create the needed standards, practices and a safer workplace for telecom and tower professionals across the country through its in-depth certification programs,” said Bernard Borghei, Executive Vice President of Operations & Co-Founder of Vertical Bridge. “We are extremely proud to support the organization and its efforts, and look forward to continuing to partner with them in the future.”

NWSA, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, is a national non-profit assessment and certification organization established to provide thorough, independent assessments of knowledge and skills and provide verifiable worker certification in order to enhance safety, reduce workplace risk, improve quality, encourage training, and recognize the skilled professionals who work on towers and other non-standard communication structures.

NWSA currently offers the following industry-wide certification programs: Telecommunications Tower Technician 1 (TTT-1), Telecommunications Tower Technician 2 (TTT-2), Telecommunications Tower Foreman and Antenna & Line Specialty Certification Program.

Other assessment and certification programs NWSA will likely unveil in the future include Rigging (basic and advanced), Structural Modifications, Small Cell/DAS Technician, Structural Modifications, Fiber Optics Technician, Gin Pole Operations and Broadcast Tall Tower Technician.

Industry workers, companies and stakeholders are encouraged to visit the NWSA website at to learn more about the organization and how to begin the process of obtaining certification.

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