NWSA to Develop Telecommunication Tower Foreman Certification Credential

(Fairfax, Virginia) - The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) today announced that its Board of Governors has approved proceeding with the development of a new certification and credential for Telecommunication Tower Foreman. The new certification will create a credentialing system for industry workers who supervise crews that work on communications structures, whether they are antenna and line crews, construction crews, or structural modification crews.

“The development of the Telecommunication Tower Foreman certification program is the next logical step for NWSA in our progression of offering nationwide independent and portable certification credentialing to the wireless industry’s workforce,” stated Executive Director Duane MacEntee. “The Foreman credential will complement our existing NWSA Telecommunications Tower Technician I and II certification offerings and provide a continued upward path of professional certification for workers as they gain experience”.

NWSA will be announcing an application process in the near future for interested industry subject matter experts to participate in the official Telecommunication Tower Foreman Task Force. Consistent with ANSI accreditation requirements, Task Force participants will be involved in the psychometric processes and test development activities of the NWSA’s Telecommunications Tower Foreman certification program.

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