Candidate Portal

About the NWSA Candidate Portal

The NWSA Candidate Portal allows NWSA candidates to manage contact information, submit applications and payment, schedule exam appointments, and track exam performance, history, and certifications.


How to Create Your Candidate Profile

All first-time users must create a profile. Existing NWSA candidates will have access to past testing history and certifications once their profile has been approved. To create a profile candidates must provide:

  • Password
  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Copy of Government ID
  • If applicable, Candidate ID or Certification Number
  • Photo – To be used for profile and certification card
Create your NWSA Candidate Profile


Profile Navigation

Home - View your NWSA Candidate ID*, exam applications available to schedule, progress on certification, and general Notifications.

*NOTE: All users will be assigned a new NWSA Candidate ID upon profile creation. This will be your Candidate ID going forward.

Exam Applications - The exam applications page of your NWSA candidate portal profile will guide you through the NWSA Hierarchy of certifications showing the requirements needed to earn initial NWSA certification or progress to a higher level designation.

Applications for exams will be accessible through this page.

Results - Once your profile has been reviewed and approved by staff any previous exam history will be populated here. Any future exam results will appear here at the conclusion of processing.

My Certifications - All current NWSA certifications and credentials will appear here. Certification number,  designations, and expiration date are available for your reference.

Orders for new or replacement cards will take place from within this profile page. Candidates will be required to confirm their mailing address prior to their certification card being issued.

My Purchases - Receipts for past orders can be accessed through the "My Purchases" page.

Messages - Securely message with NWSA staff to address questions, request information, or troubleshoot issues.

FAQs - Answers to commonly asked questions.