Telecommunications Tower Technician Program

Program Description

NWSA representatives initially defined two levels of telecommunications tower technicians for crew members who perform general construction activities with an emphasis on tower system installation, modification, maintenance, and inspection of support structures used in telecommunications, including personal wireless communications, public safety communications, utility networks, and broadcast.

These two levels were defined as:

  • Telecommunications Tower Technician 1:

An individual who can safely perform tasks on telecommunication sites under direct supervision.

  • Telecommunications Tower Technician 2:

An individual who can safely perform tasks on telecommunication sites and is capable of supervision of TTT-1 technicians and trainees.

For additional information on the certification please review the Candidate Handbook.



TTT-1 and TTT-2 examination questions were written by NWSA's subject matter experts. A complete list of reference materials cited as the basis for the exam questions is available in the Candidate Handbook.

Candidates are strongly advised to become familiar with industry standards,

practices and relevant manufacturers’ instructions in preparing for the NWSA certification examinations.

Sample test questions demonstrating the typical style and content of the questions found on the NWSA exams are also available in the Candidate Handbook.




Because of its third-party independent status, NWSA is not able to endorse any particular training company or training program. However, in an effort to facilitate selection of an appropriate training vendor, NWSA has prepared a list of firms and organizations that have indicated they offer preparatory training for the NWSA certification exams.

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