Exam Management Committee

NWSA Exam Management Committee Members

Danny Bishop, The Crosby Group - Chair

Brandon Chapman, Valmont Site Pro 1

Kevin Denis, Gravitec

Chris Mallon, Tower MRL, Inc.

Sonya Roshek, MasTec


Roles and Responsibilities

By resolution the Board of Directors shall designate an appropriate number of Exam Management Committees to manage each of its certification programs. There shall be a minimum of 8 members on each Committee; Committee members and a Chairperson shall be appointed by the by the Chairman of the Board of Governors and approved by the Board of Governors. Of the 8 members, a minimum of 2 shall be Governors. Committee members shall serve one-year terms. Committee members may serve an unlimited number of terms.

The Exam Management Committees shall be responsible for:

(i) Monitoring and participating in the development of certification examinations (for example, written and practical examinations;
(ii) Suggesting revisions to NWSA testing procedures when appropriate;
(iii) Monitoring the administration of the exams;
(iv) Overseeing item (exam) writers; and
(v) Monitoring and overseeing testing companies which may be contracted with for exam development and/or administration; and
(vi) Collecting data necessary for psychometrically sound examinations.