NWSA Certification Dramatically Reduces Safety Incidents Industry Collaboration Pays Off

(Fairfax, Virginia) - The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) announced today that due to the deliberate collaboration of all sectors of the telecommunications industry, there has been a dramatic three-to-one decrease in tower crew-related safety issues and accidents when NWSA trade certified technicians are present on jobsites. This major safety improvement is the result of…
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NWSA Requests Industry Stakeholders Complete Job Task Analysis Survey

(Fairfax, Virginia) - The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) is requesting that industry stakeholders complete an important Job Task Analysis Survey that the organization will be sending out in early November. The Job Task Analysis Survey is designed to ensure that the NWSA’s technician exams reflect today’s work environment, regulations, and technology and is a…
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NWSA Successfully Completes the ANSI National Accreditation Board Accreditation Surveillance Process

(Fairfax, Virginia) - The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) announced today that the organization has successfully completed the required ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) year-1 surveillance review process. ANAB’s audit of NWSA occurs annually as a requirement of its accreditation, with an on-site inspection by ANAB auditors every other year. ANAB requires specific data be…
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NWSA Announces Dates, Locations for October and December Practical Examiner Accreditation Workshops

Windsor, Virginia and St. Louis, Missouri Workshops to Provide Opportunity for Participants to Obtain NWSA Accreditation to Administer Field-Based Practical Exams REGISTER HERE (Fairfax, Virginia) - The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) is encouraging industry employers, trainers and workers to register for the Telecommunications Tower Technician Practical Examiner Accreditation Program (PEAP) Workshop scheduled for October…
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