Examiners and Sites

Practical exams may be administered at any site that meets NWSA criteria for hosting practical exams, has the required equipment, designates a Test Site Coordinator and arranges for an NWSA Accredited Practical Examiner. Benefits of holding practical exams at your own site include reduced travel for employees and easier scheduling.

Set Up a Practical Test Site

Practical Exams may only be administered by NWSA Accredited Practical Examiners. Practical Examiners are trained by NWSA at a three-day workshop in how to properly set up practical test sites and conduct practical exams. Practical Examiners may work internally for their employer only and/or make themselves available for hire to the public. Find out more about requirements to become a Practical Examiner.

Become a Practical Examiner

Ready to become a Practical Examiner? The next step is to sign up for an NWSA Practical Examiner Workshop. Workshops are scheduled on demand at host facilities. See upcoming workshops, the application to attend, and information on holding a workshop at your facility.

Practical Examiner Workshops