Become a Practical Exam Proctor

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Accredited Practical Exam Proctors are authorized to offer the NWSA practical exam at approved NWSA Practical Test Sites.

Practical Exam Proctor accreditation is valid for five years. Once accredited, you will receive a Practical Exam Proctor packet with the documentation necessary to conduct NWSA practical exams. You will also receive an official NWSA accreditation wallet card listing the practical exams for which you are accredited and are eligible to administer practical exams.

To be an NWSA-accredited Practical Exam Proctor, you must:

  • Be certified by NWSA in both certification designations (TTT-1 and TTT-2)
  • Have three (3) years of industry-related experience
  • Attend a NWSA Practical Exam Proctor Accreditation Workshop, during which your performance as a Practical Exam Proctor will be observed and evaluated
  • Pass a Practical Exam Proctor Accreditation Program (PEPAP) Workshop written exam testing your knowledge of the role of the Practical Exam Proctor and the test administration process
  • Pass the practical exam(s) in the presence of an NWSA representative (even if currently certified)
  • Have a direct email address to receive email notifications from NWSA (this may not be a shared address)

If you are interested in becoming a Practical Exam Proctor, visit the Practical Exam Proctor Workshops page to see if any workshops are available. (Please note that you must first be certified in both TTT1 and TTT2 prior to submitting a workshop application.)