Computer Based Testing – Signalperson and Rigger

CBT — As Easy As 1-2-3

Go to the Signalperson and Rigger Sign Up For Testing Page

Read the various requirements, and click continue

Complete and submit the online application

You will receive an Authorization Email from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane operators (NCCCO within 48 hours).

After you receive your email authorization WAIT 24 hours. Then call the number provided in your email to schedule your test with PSI. You can look up the available test centers by going to You will receive an Appointment Confirmation Email from PSI within 24 hours. Go to the selected test center at the scheduled date and time.

Bring with you your photo ID and Appointment Confirmation Email. (Note: You will not be allowed to take materials such as cell phones, calculators, hats, coats, bags, etc., or any other items that might compromise the integrity of the test, into the exam room.) Once you have completed your computer-based tests you will receive your official score results before you leave the test center.

It's that simple! For additional information about Computer-Based Testing, read the FAQ items below.


What is computer-based testing?
Through a partnership with NCCCO, computer-based testing (CBT) is offered for Written Exams. Although exams are electronic in format, they are not “online” (i.e., candidates are not allowed to test from their own computers; candidates must still visit a secure testing facility). However, there are significant benefits to CBT exams, including quicker scheduling and same-day results.

Where can I test?
Written exams are administered via computer at PSI's nearly 300 test centers located throughout the nation

Where can I find a CBT location?
CBT testing centers are available nationwide. To locate a CBT exam test center near you, enter your ZIP code, select "National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO)" as the sponsor, and you will be presented with a list of location options.

How much does it cost to take a computer based test (CBT) exam?
The cost for a candidate to register and take a CBT exam is $170. For example, the CBT exam for each certification category (Telecommunications Tower Rigger Level I and Signalperson) would cost the candidate $170 for each unique test.

If I am already a NCCCO certified Rigger and/or Signalperson, can I obtain a NWSA certification card?
Yes, current NCCCO Certified Rigger and/or Signalperson cardholders may request a new NWSA/NCCCO co-branded Certification Card by contacting NCCCO via email at or by phone at 703-560-2391 ext. 801. There is a $25 fee to purchase a new NWSA/NCCCO Certification card.

How do I reach a NWSA representative for additional questions I have regarding the NWSA's programs?
To contact the NWSA, just send an e-mail to and a NWSA representative will contact you directly to answer your questions.