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Program Description

The CCO Signalperson certification program is offered through a partnership with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). This nationally recognized and internationally accredited certification program is the culmination of many years’ hard work by experts from the varied industries and groups that use cranes, including construction, steel erection, ironworkers, operating engineers, utilities, and crane rental firms. The NCCCO task force that developed this program was made up of experts from all aspects of the crane industry—crane operators, ASME B30 members, signalpersons, training directors, managers, supervisors, insurance representatives—who together represent many thousands of hours of crane operating and signaling experience.

These volunteers gave freely of their time and expertise with the goal of improving the safety of all whose work brings them into contact with cranes and lifting equipment.

NCCCO Certification examinations are designed for signalpersons who are trained and who will use hand and voice signals in crane operation. For more information, the official Signalperson candidate handbook can be downloaded for free at the following website link:

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Signalperson examination questions were written by NCCCO's subject matter experts. A complete list of reference materials cited as the basis for the exam questions is available in the Signalperson Candidate Handbook.

Candidates are strongly advised to become familiar with industry standards, practices and relevant OSHA rules in preparing for the NCCCO certification examinations.

Sample test questions demonstrating the typical style and content of the questions found on the Signalperson exams are also available in the Candidate Handbook.

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